Arizona Master Naturalist Association

The Arizona Master Naturalist Association was founded on the principles of EDUCATION, CITIZEN SCIENCE & STEWARDSHIP.  These three pillars inform our vision, direct our mission and are integrated into all aspects of our day-to-day operations. Our volunteer training program is designed to best serve the needs of our stakeholder organizations across the state, by providing a trained corps of volunteers able to engage in natural resource service.

A major part of the training program includes learning to effectively communicate with the many types of audiences and stakeholders Master Naturalist volunteers encounter in the field.

The course is structured to cover education, interpretive, and public speaking techniques, in addition to natural resource history information, so that Certified Master Naturalist Volunteers are able to utilize their critical thinking skills in the field to accomplish their work in any of the 3 pillars of the program. 

​We are a statewide Affiliate of the Association of Natural Resource Outreach Providers (ANROSP). 


The Arizona Master Naturalist Association will provide education, outreach and interpretive services to a variety of stakeholders including education entities, state and city government agencies, as well as private citizen groups.  Arizona Master Naturalists will also participate in the stewardship of natural and cultural resources by participating in activities designed to do so.  Our membership will be regionally fluent in natural and cultural history of Arizona, skilled in natural resource management techniques and actively participate in citizen science initiatives. Arizona Master Naturalists will contribute to increased and evolving understanding of the region through participation in citizen science initiatives.


The Arizona Master Naturalist Association’s mission is to create a place-based corps of dedicated, knowledgeable individuals that provide education, stewardship, and citizen science services to stakeholders in the State of Arizona.  



In order to become a certified Arizona Master Naturalist a member must complete 60 hours of course work in the natural history, flora, fauna, and cultural history of Arizona.  Due to the diversity of the state, specific content in each region will differ, however, the amount of hours needed for certification will not.  In addition, certified Arizona Master Naturalists will commit to volunteering a minimum of 60 hours per year in a Master Naturalist role in order to maintain certification.

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Trainings vary in availability across the state. At this time only the Pima County Chapter is offering a training in Spring 2017. Click on the link below for more information. 

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