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We are seeking sponsors for a Master Naturalist Program in Phoenix/Maricopa County and the Flagstaff area. If you are an organization interested in sponsoring a class, please contact for information on how to begin. We'd be glad to help you get this off the ground.

For interested volunteers: at this time, the only options available to become certified are in Tucson or Cochise County. Please check back regularly for the latest information on trainings in your area. If you volunteer for a natural resource organization in your community, consider inviting them to host a class. A contact from that organization should email to find out how to begin.

To add your name to our contact list when a training in your area becomes available, click on this link: ARIZONA MASTER NATURALIST PROGRAM CONTACT LIST.

As the statewide Association we anticipate having Master Naturalist Chapters located across Arizona, with organizing Operating Committees centered in Flagstaff (for northern Arizona), Phoenix (for central Arizona) and Tucson (for southern Arizona). Given the vast biodiversity and geography of our state we find it best to have local organizations in each of the major metro areas of Arizona.  

If you are already a Master Naturalist Chapter and wish to identify with our statewide Association, please contact for more information. We would be glad to advertise your program and include you in our affiliation in the Association for Natural Resource Outreach Providers ( membership.  At this time we are not aware of any existing Master Naturalist Programs in Arizona except for those in Pima County and Cochise County. 


​The application process for 2017 is now closed. The next course will be offered in January 2018. If you'd like to receive information about the program and receive a notification when the application for the 2018 cohort is available, add your name to our ARIZONA MASTER NATURALIST PROGRAM CONTACT LIST



At this time there are no upcoming trainings scheduled for Cochise County. If you'd like to be notified when the next training sessions is planned, please join our ARIZONA MASTER NATURALIST PROGRAM CONTACT LIST. You can visit the Cochise County Master Naturalist Program for more information about local programs. 


Arizona Master Naturalist Association