Partners shape our success.

The Arizona Planning Team

LoriAnne Barnett 

Statewide Arizona Master Naturalist Coordinator

Education Coordinator, USA National Phenology Network
President, Arizona Association for Environmental Education

Peter L. Warren 
Urban Horticulture Agent, Pima County

Arizona Cooperative Extension

Wendy Burroughs
EE Program Manager, 

Pima County Natural Resource, Parks and Recreation

Eric Dhruv
Director, Ironwood Tree Experience

Partnering organizations help us shape the course to meet the natural resource volunteer needs of each community. The Arizona Master Naturalist Association is seeking partners, working across the state of Arizona, as collaborators. Organizations who partner with us host trainings, provide input into content the courses contain, and in return receive corps of volunteers who are ready to participate. If you'd like to partner with us or teach a class, contact for more information.

Arizona Master Naturalist Association